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Membership & Dues Payment​
Existing Members

Please complete the membership information update form, sign your waiver, and pay your renewal dues by clicking the link below.  Note: If you do not wish to pay online, please indicate that in the box at the bottom of the form and be sure to bring your check to the annual meeting.


Steps to membership renewal:


  1. Complete the Membership Renewal Form & Waiver (click the link).  You'll be taken to a payment page after completing the form.

  2. Pay your annual dues by September 1st.  Once you've completed the Membership Renewal Form & Waiver, you should be redirected to pay your dues.  However, if you're unable to do so at that time, please come back to this page and select your membership type below to pay.  Reminder: Annual Dues should be paid by September 1st every year.  Founding members who pay after September 1st forfeit their Founding Member status.  Members who have not paid by the end of September will be dropped from membership.

New Members

If you haven't completed the membership application, please do so now.

Once you've completed the application and have been contacted by a member of the Board of Directors, please click the "Pay Now" button below to pay your annual dues.  Membership renews every September 1st.  Membership dues not paid by the end of September will result in the member being dropped from our membership.


Dues for regular members are $125.00 per year.  Note: Online payments will include a small processing fee.


New Member Dues

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